Collateral Protection Plan (CPP)

Did you know that only $21 per week could save you thousands? For most of us a vehicle is a necessity and being without one could be the difference wether or not we're able to get to work, take our kids to school or pick up groceries for our families.

Imagine that you're out driving in your vehicle and in a split second you find yourself in an accident. This one is your fault and your car is totaled. You are stranded and stuck with a car payment on an undrivable vehicle. What do you do now? What if all of this stress could be avoided? The good news is that it can be with a Rainey Collateral Protection Plan.

What is a Collateral Protection Plan?

Collateral Protection Plan is a physical damage coverage that will cover the cost of your vehicle in the event that you are at fault of an accident, because sometimes unexpected things happen and we will have you covered. *Subject to a small deductible.

Be protected for only $21 a week.

The price of CPP is not reflective of your driving record or credit history. We won't drop you as a customer. We won't raise your rate after you sign up. We won't call you back later and tell you that you owe money on a totaled car. We will guarantee your account, and your monthly price and deductible will remain the same.

Thousands of accidents happen every day. Don't be stuck making payments on an undrivable vehicle. For just $21 per week, set up a collateral protection plan and get physical damage coverage today, and save thousands.

*Buyers are still required to obtain liability insurance pursuant to state law.


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